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In order to better understand the purpose of website support let us compare it to a car.

After you buy a car in needs maintenance - you change oil and tires, wash it and go to a mechanic once in a while.

Same applies to a website - after launch it has be taken care of. We help keeping websites updated and running smooth.

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Keeping Website Up to Date

Most often thing that website owner needs to do is update information. And most of the time there is no time for that or IT guys are unavailable at the moment so this task gets postponed. With our help you can stop worrying about this - all updates will be done in time and by professionals.

Update News

Keep you clients informed - recently updated news increase company image

Post Articles

Just send us the text and we will format it and even translate to other languages

Add and Optimize Images

We will ensure compatibility with visual styling and quick loading

Banners and Offers

We will find a fitting image and create a banner or offer

Add Video Materials

The best way to get attention is to show your product in action

Keep Catalogs Up to Date

Make sure that information on the website corresponds to what you are offering

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We Maintain Ready Websites

You have you website launched - perfect!

Now to keep it bringing in new clients it requires attention which is something not every business owner has time or expertise for. Let us take care of it!

Content Management

Just send us the text and images and we will format and add it to your website

Technical Support

Components get outdated and open to hackers. We will ensure your website is safe and running smooth

Communication with Clients

We will make sure your clients can reach you by email and contact form

Website Modernization

If you ever need new functionality or section we will quickly add it

Our Support Plans

Below you can compare plan and decide which one fits you best. If you just ocasionally need to update information on your website - choose Basic plan. Strategic plan is best when you plan to actively attract clients trough the website and will need more work done quickly. Business plan is meant for companies who really rely on their website or want to update it after long inactivity period.

Basic Strategic Business
Website Content Management 29/mo 99/mo 299/mo
Workhours included 2 hours 8 hours 30 hours
Response time 2 days 1 day 2 hours
Banner design and placement
Video placement
New sections and functionality
Design elements update
Catalog updates
Translation services
Additional hour price 20/h 15/h 15/h
Website Technical Support
Consultation times Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 24/7
Website diagnostics 1 time per month 2 times per month Every week
Website backups * 1 time per month 2 times per month
Hosting, certificates and domain control
Performance and availability control
Choose Plan Choose Plan Choose Plan
* Requires access to the website server

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  • 2 H support included
  • 2 days Response time
  • Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 Consultation times
  • 8 H support included
  • 1 day Response time
  • Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 Consultation times
  • 30 H support included
  • 2 hours Response time
  • 24/7 Consultation times

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